Friday, October 03, 2003

This old house

Maybe it's shows like This Old House that give people the wrong idea. Or maybe it's preserved historical houses. I don't know but people believe that because my house is over 100 years old it's all neat and historical with architectural details that only need to be uncovered.

No. It is not neat, or quaint, nor does it have any of those quaint neat details. My house has been rental housing for the black working class for the past 100 years. Rental housing, landlords don't invest a lot in rental housing and it shows.

The floors. Might be hardwood. But for the time being are hidden under carpet. What I have seen so far under the carpet and on the other side of the floor is not a happy sight. Under the carpet there are shriveled up tiles of some sort (asbestos maybe?) and some dark gunk on top of dark colored wood. I know it is dark chocolate in color from looking at the underside in the basement. It is sawn rough. Even if it could get sanded smooth I don't think I would want the color. The house doesn't get enough light and it's small, dark colors are bad, last thing I want to do is spend good money on a floor that will make the place look smaller and darker.

Walls. I hate the walls on the upper floors. One runs right into the window frame. All except the bathroom they have textured paint. As I later discovered this was slapped on to hide all the cracks in the plaster underneath. The renovator Sunny (evil evil) said it was to prevent stains on the walls that kids (what kids?) make. My only hope was to skim the walls with joint compund because our friend 'asbestos' could be in the paint. Don't get me started on the lead paint.

The whole structure. My house, just my house is crooked in such an obvious way. Settling.

There is one good thing. Radiators. I love them. Now that it is getting cold, and hoping the boiler doesn't explode, I can enjoy warm things I can put my bottom on, or warm robes draped over. Heaven.


At 9/16/2008 9:41 PM, Blogger Perry Degener said...

Yea, textured paint and "structural wallpaper" are the worst of the sleazy hiding tricks


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