Wednesday, October 01, 2003

The fan that will kill me
So I got a co-worker to install two fans in my house for the sum of $54. The fan in the first room is wonderful. The fan in my room, which I knew would be trouble, is still troubling. The problem with old houses is that you have old house hardware and quirks. The hardware the light, which was on the verge of killing me in my sleep, hung from what could have been an old gas lamp pipe. Heavens only knows.

The light was hanging loosely from the old fixture. I pulled the string to turn it off and on, the thing would wobble. It had a glass, a heavy glass piece that I took off once the whole piece started looking dodgy. Upon further inspection the lamp was hanging from some screws that had a minimal hold on the drywall in the ceiling.

I knew there would be trouble when the ceiling fan would replace the whole contraption. After 2 or so hours Mr. Grumpy Sunshine got it installed. He wasn't too happy with the wobbling. He said the hardware up in the ceiling was loose.

The one big problem is the only way for me to turn the light on and off is to pull the cord. Which in turn pulls the fan, which pulls whatever loose hardware there is in the ceiling.

I'm now thinking, remote controlled fan. Thats the only way. The only was without doing some heavy recontruction.

Until then, I'm in danger of a 30lb fan hitting my bed in my sleep.


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