Monday, September 29, 2003


So I'm outside staining my fence. I tried using the pressure sprayer, but I think I ruined it since the stain protectorant is too thick. I had to use the old cup and brush method.

The whole time I'm out there doing 2 panels worth, from 5:30 till after dark, the house across the alley is nothing but screaming. She's screaming at her, someone screaming at the kids, loudness, agruing and being very vocal for about 2 hours straight. I hear threats "What you going to throw at at me?". I hear commands. I hear declarations. I hear cursing. The whole gamut. If there was a murder and the cops were to ask me, what were they fighting about? I would have no clue. About a guy someone was dating? Getting the kids to eat? There was no singular topic.

It's not really worth noting except I was out there for the whole time. Normally I hear the yelling and screaming. But I don't stick around long and I'm back in my own environs with the window shut and the sound of the neighbor's spirited discussion muted.

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