Friday, November 02, 2007

I expect to hear what happened

There's a d#mned helicopter thats been going around and around and around for the past 10 minutes like crazy, with no signs of letting up. What the heck happened?



At 11/02/2007 11:14 PM, Blogger Neda said...

the police busted a bunch of guys at new jersey and p st. one had a gun; he dropped it, ran up on a roof, police chased, people talked him down, arrest.

At 11/03/2007 9:32 PM, Blogger Mari said...


At 11/03/2007 11:13 PM, Anonymous jimbo said...

They seem to be doing a crack-down this weekend, so to speak. There was also police activity down the block at 5th and Q both Friday and also Saturday night. No sirens or flashing lights, just unmarked police cars and lots of cops in bulletproof vests asking questions and taking names. It seems like more neighbors are gettin' sick of all the gathering and hooliganism there.

At 11/05/2007 9:27 AM, Blogger Mari said...


At 11/05/2007 12:13 PM, Anonymous jimbo said...



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