Monday, April 26, 2004


Honestly I am trying to find a decent Episcopal church in DC, but I'm aiming for Shaw. In this search I have been to St. Paul's in Foggy Bottom, St. George's on U Street, and recently St. Agnes (?) on 12th and Mass. St. Pauls- love the people there, love the incense, not too keen on the mass. Too high church and not even Rite I (I'm totally Rite II). St. George's is near by and African American. It is Rite II and seems traditional. Yet, I am so, so sad to say, I was bored to tears in mass. That pains me, 'cause it would be so cool to just walk to church and be amongst my people and be 'home'.

The past 2 sundays I've been to St. Agnes. The first time, high mass. Okay, I can pretty much say that besides the incense, I hate high mass. This week I did their low mass. I gather because of the march downtown there was a very low turnout. For the whole mass there were 5 of us, counting the priest, and worse, it was like high mass but without the music. Arrgh! There were a few good points, I got more sherry, it was over with quickly, and it was at 12:30.

At this rate I'm almost headed towards the Luthuran church.

Next month I'll try Georgetown churches.



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