Friday, September 25, 2009

NOA Gallery

NOA Gallery
Originally uploaded by In Shaw
Several days ago I popped into a Bloomingdale gallery on my way to Timor, after a stop at Bloomingdale Liquors. NOA Galley at 132 Rhode Island Avenue, where the NOA stands for New, Old and Abstract. Inside are paintings, posters, sculptures, and some really cool 20th century lamps.
The thing about the gallery that I really liked was the affordable-ness of it. I've been to other galleries and there are things I like but I find out what the price is, usually $2K-$15K, and um, no. I saw a painting that was bigger than a bread box, on the second floor of this gallery, liked it and it was only $350. And I did look at the prices and even the cool lamps are under a thousand.


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