Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Loudmouth Cellphone talker presents job opps

Just passing this along...
I was on the bus heading home when a guy on a cell phone was talking loudly to his friend about applying for a job. He said they are hiring at where he works and they need people and he's working both the day and night shift. He also announced they are hiring at Nine West. Where he works they'll do a background check but as long as you didn't do anything that involves stealing it's cool. They are paying $7 something an hour, and need cashiers and stockers (night shift). Where is this place? Burlington Coat Factory in City Place Mall in Silver Spring. They are also hiring at Rainbow at City Place. Talk to the manager, her name might be Ebony. And there is a manager named Tasha (?) at the Nine West.
But the juiciest job tip was the bouncing gig. If you are a 'female' and you can break up fights (specifically fights in bathrooms), somewhere there is a club looking for you and will pay $100 a night. Sadly, I got off the bus before the name of this club was revealed.
Now I just wanna bust out in a rendition of "Meeting in the Ladies Room" (youtube)



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