Sunday, October 26, 2008

New Vendor Rocks

Vendor's Coolers
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I got veal bones. Now I don't have to trek over to Eastern Market so I can make veal stock. I also picked up some bovre from the Painted Hand/Keskwick Creamery vendor. I also wound up overhearing the vendor talking to a camera person about her farm, and how she took land that wasn't producing anything and turned it into a real working farm. She also produces a few other things that weren't at market.
Unfortunately I missed out on the mushrooms, and the eggs. But I was able to sample the butternut squash soups. Oh my they were soooooo good.


At 10/27/2008 10:05 AM, Blogger IMGoph said...

the butternut squash soup was TO DIE FOR.

i got there at 11 or so, and didn't see any eggs or mushrooms. did they sell out in that first hour? the cheeses were going fast, that's for sure. i tasted the garlic and basil (i think that's what it was) stuff, and it was sold out 5 minutes later.

At 10/27/2008 5:43 PM, Blogger Robin said...

the producers will bring more of everything next week!



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