Monday, August 20, 2007

Packed Big Bear

Saturday, around noon, I walked into Big Bear and the place was packed. Where the heck did all these folks come from? Well I know where three people came from, but I couldn't get a seat inside. Not even at the counter. That crowded.
I'm happy to see the place hopping and lively and active. I see often groups meeting there. Groups as in organized meetings, not a bunch of friends wandering in. I never would have thought there was a great need for meeting spots for groups in the hood, but apparently, there is. Besides the group taking up the big table, there were people with strollers, people with computers, and people. And poor little me, banished to the outside tables.



At 8/20/2007 10:39 AM, Anonymous ML said...

The outside tables are the place to be. Especially the ones in the shade facing 1st on a hot Farmers Market Sunday. Its great to see everyone walking by, and to see the look of surprise on people rubber-necking to check out all the activity as they drive by.

At 8/21/2007 1:24 PM, Blogger Golden Silence said...

I need to check this place out some time. I love supporting local coffee shops. Glad to hear business is booming over there.


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