Monday, July 02, 2007

New Liquor Store?

Bloomingdale says we're getting a brand spanking new liquor store at 6th and Rhode Island. Hey, isn't there a small park across the way? Park + Liquor Store= Headache.



At 7/02/2007 12:00 PM, Anonymous poo poo said...

Check out the bloomblog. It's a restaurant.

At 7/02/2007 8:57 PM, Blogger TOS said...

Just what we need, another liquor store with lexan windows...

At 7/02/2007 9:24 PM, Anonymous poo poo said...

you guys, it's a restaurant.

read the linked blog again.

it's not a liquor store.

At 7/03/2007 12:48 PM, Anonymous ML said...

Hey p.p. - any other sources on that being a restaurant other than the liquor license itself?

There will be a lot of interest in the surrounding blocks either way, so any info you have would be great.

At 7/03/2007 7:44 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

The source on the other blog says the request is for a class B license.

Retailer's License Class A:
(Liquor store) Retail sale of beer, wine, and spirits for off premises consumption.

ABC License Retailer's License Class B (Grocery/convenience store): Retail sale of beer and wine for off premises consumption.

ABC License Retailer's License Class C: Retail sale of beer, wine, and spirits for on premises consumption.



At 7/04/2007 3:33 PM, Anonymous poo poo said...

it may be a convience store that sells wine.

it may be a restaurant.

owners are debating.

either way, it's better than what there is there now.

trust me, it'll be clean, and help develop the 'hood'. the owners have been in 'upper georgetown' for years, and aren't about to slum the area.

methinks you'll be surprised...

At 7/04/2007 3:36 PM, Anonymous poo poo said...

by the way, if they do go through with the convience store that sells wine, they'll also sell foods from around the world.

if they go that way, instead of a restaurant (which they are thinking about), it'll be a great addition to the hood.

At 7/04/2007 7:24 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

pp, by "convenience store" do you mean something like a 7-11 or something closer to an upscale/gourmet market?




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