Thursday, September 28, 2006

1900 Census: 414 Richardson Court NW

My methodology of collecting the data is to note the stats of the head of household, and a bit of head's spouse then make note of how many people in the house are 16 and over and how many are 15 and below. So I only noticed this when I was gathering the numbers of those 16 and over.
In 1900 at 414 Richardson Court, Julia Williams, a single black woman aged 30 lived with her 3 sisters, her 7 year old son, a boarder and her grandmother. Her grandmother, Hester Jackson, a widow was 101 years old when the census was taken. Mrs. Jackson was listed as being born in 1799 in Virginia. Which a good guess tells me she was very likely to have been born a slave, and worked as a slave. I had to meditate on that for a moment.
The other pauses for thought were the other households on Richardson Court, now Richardson Place. Those houses are small. I'm seeing households of 7 or more people, sometimes with more than one household in a Richardson house.


At 9/28/2006 11:50 AM, Anonymous don corleone said...

Sounds rather luxurious when compared to similar stats about the immigrant tentaments in lower Manhattan; circa 1880-1910.

But then, everyting in life is relative, isn't it?


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