Thursday, August 17, 2006

Security Camera & Library

This was longer but the computer did a bad, bad thing and deleted... well I won't get into it.
Fifth and O reports the camera has landed and it needs lights.
Also the District section of the Post has something on the "Free Our Library" thing.


At 8/17/2006 11:59 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

The problem with jobs with power, CIA, FBI, DC Police , Politic is the abuse of power. Some people join this group for the wrong reason, abuse other rights, 1st amendment with creativity (lies, new program, delay, obstruction of justice...). Yes, DC police will pay a lot of money for this abuse of power. But, only a few members of this group are there for the wrong reason. Others will pay the price of this bad media marketing for their silence and lack of accountability implementation including firing . As you will pay for their actions, remember that we need them and only a few of them must go
Arthur Mboue,

At 8/17/2006 5:26 PM, Blogger Mari said...



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