Wednesday, October 19, 2005


Oh, it's now open but this week on a preview reservations only basis. Fine by me as taking Nora for her birthday and then live theater and dinner with Bc broke the bank. I'm swearing off eating out until the coffers fill up.
But visit the site, and look around. Salads look good and the chocolate torte. If you go tell me about it.


At 10/19/2005 1:34 PM, Anonymous Kelly said...

We have reservations for Sat. night. We will let you know how it is- I am keeping my fingers crossed. If it's good, Toby and I are going to go at least once a week. (Shh- Toby doesn't know this yet). :)

At 10/19/2005 5:48 PM, Anonymous Toby said...

Ha! The food's gonna have to be insanely good to offset the lack of alcohol. Can't Shiloh focus on broken families, crack addicts, kids in gangs, homelessness, loitering, inner city crime, or any number of bigger challenges to Satan's rule other than keeping some vegetarians from drinking?

At 10/20/2005 9:18 AM, Anonymous Sam said...

Toby-- Its much easier for Shiloh to blame others and then retreat to the suburbs rather than fix up their own vacant properties and do all the things you suggest.

If a normal DC resident kept their properties vacant in the manner Shiloh do they would be levied with extra taxes but when you are tax free like Shiloh you can do what you want.

Anyway I'm booked into Vegetate on Sat -- looking forward to it.

At 10/20/2005 10:38 AM, Anonymous tom said...

I'll be going on Sunday. I think DCist will probably be running a post about it sometime next week.

At 10/23/2005 12:36 PM, Anonymous Toby said...

Vegetate review:

I started w/ the grilled romain caesar...pretty good, but caesar is a hard dressing to serve drizzled over lettuce, so you really have to work to get it mixed in right. Then had the sesame tofu...excellent all around. For dessert, the choco mint torte. Also very good. Kelly had the same salad & entree, but for dessert had the peanut butter & jelly thingy. I liked it better than the torte.

Oh, for drinks, we had 2 glasses each of a delicious 2005 diet coke.

At 10/24/2005 3:05 PM, Anonymous LC said...

the sesame tofu was really good. The tempeh was "jerk" but not spicy enough. The vibe is really great -- a little touch of the East Village for homesick New Yorkers.


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