Saturday, October 09, 2004

Scenes in Shaw

Scene 1
Driving down New Jersey Ave to attempt to turn on New York I spy three street vendors under the shade of a tree. One is a Salvadorian(?) woman selling flowers. The other is a guy selling bootleg CDs. The other guy, it looks like he's selling bootlegs too.

Scene 2
There are a gaggle of kids running up and down the stair case of a house. I see the white occupants sitting on the stoop as the neighborhood kids run around. One kid is fooling around with one of the occupant's hair. It looks liek she's trying to plait the hair.

Scene 3
Over at the Florida Avenue park I spotted three people walking out of the park. Two of the people are holding up the one in the middle. Apparently middle guy can't walk. No one seems phased by the scene. Just another day in the park.



At 10/16/2004 12:23 PM, Blogger onlineguy said...

I've seen that scene also. I stopped some cops to tell them about the guy selling the bootlegs (it was the last Will Smith movie that was still playing in theaters) but he wasn't interested. Typical. If it doesn't involve drugs or violence happening in front of them, they don't seem to pay much attention. I also bought flowers once from the Salvadoran guy, but they died within hours. Kinda pathetic. I feel sorry for him.


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