Thursday, October 07, 2004

Part of the gentrification problem

I want to thank John for leading me to this blog about gentrification in Baltimore City [corrected]. Funny, Baltimore is the place I point people to when the gentrified prices of DC are too high.
Which reminds me. TechBalt is not purposefully trying to displace people but move into a poorer neighborhood take over a block and reap a return on their investment.
Wandering around Techbalt's website I wound up linking to the city of Baltimore's crime map. It is so cool. Crime isn't cool but a colorful map of what type of crime happens where is sooo totally cool (yes I grew up in the 80s).

edited to change County to City

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At 10/07/2004 4:16 PM, Blogger jayinbmore said...

Hey, thanks for linking to us. However, I'd like to offer a minor correction. Hampden's in Baltimore City, not the county.

At 11/01/2005 2:45 PM, Anonymous Tif said...

Bmore has definitely been gentrifying and you DC folks are running our prices up several hundred percent in the past 4 years coming here seeking refuge, now realtors figure "hey let's charge D.C. prices!". I've seen rent go from $600/mo to $2100 in my former place alone and housing go from $150's to $400's in one year, and this is meager Mt. vernon, not the inner harbor where prices are double to triple that. Move to VA leave us alone!!!

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