Friday, October 01, 2004

Let's go out to the movies

Let's go out to the movies.
Let's go out to the movies.
Let's go out to the movies,
and have ourselves a treat!

Flipping throuh the Weekend section of the Post, I saw it. Regal Cinemas will open their theater at Gallery Place-(fake) Chinatown Friday October 22! If you were here with me as I saw it you would have heard me squeal with delight.
A theater I can bike to! I can't bike to Union Station because a)bike theives will steal your bike (never ever leave your bike at Union Station) and b) it involves crossing 2 roads of death (NY and North Cap). I could sorta bike to E Street, but it is deeper into downtown, where I don't like to bike. Particularly on my everyday bike, the one with only one brake.



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