Wednesday, October 06, 2004

In praise of Tilex

I must spread the good news.
Tilex is good for getting rid of nasty mold in your bathroom.
I may have mentioned before that there was some mold growing in our bathtub. Normally I don't care about the bathroom since I spend so little time in it. But the mold got so bad I did notice it. Now cleaning the bathroom is not my duty. However the mold was untolerable so I took out the Tilex for mold, sprayed and the next day, no mold. No wiping 'cause then I would have taken on extra work. Spraying at things won't kill me.
I told a friend of mine who lives with 3 guys about the wonders of Tilex. The mold in his bathroom was there longer than some of the guys. He sprayed, shut the door (the fumes are like toxic) and later that day no mold.
I wish there were other things that cleaned themselves. Oh a spray that cleans the kitchen floor (my area to clean) would be nice. Really not into the moping.

Ah what we really need around here is a maid. How much does bimonthly maid service cost?



At 10/06/2004 2:19 PM, Blogger John Whiteside said...

I used to pay $85 per visit for my little house in Logan Circle. I think there were cheaper ones around, but they did a really nice job & I'd be glad to send you the name of the company. I had them in every other week.

(Here in Houston I pay $35 a visit for my apartment, which is larger in square footage than my house - and they even change the linens.)

At 10/06/2004 4:29 PM, Blogger Mari said...

I need to move South. Oh land of cheaper living and even cheaper labor.
And they change your sheets? You are living the good life my friend.

At 10/06/2004 4:46 PM, Blogger Mari said...

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At 10/07/2004 9:22 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Tilex: After reading your blog, I bought some last night at our ghetto Giant. It works! I don't like cleaning the bathroom either, and the fumes are indeed noxious, but there was much less gross mold this AM! Hallelujah!

1425 New Jersey Ave NW


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