Wednesday, September 08, 2004

A walk down 14th St

After work I was determined to get 1 bag of rice from Fresh Fields (now Whole Foods). 1 bag. So out the U Street metro I wandered down 14th St. 14th Street is the way cool street of Shaw. It's not my part of Shaw, but it is Shaw and it is way cool. The sky seemed almost ready to wet itself and me so I didn't have time to fool around, but there were some stores that just begged for a walkthrough.
I haven't been in Home Rule for the longest. I think the last time I was in there was to buy the organza curtains for what is now my roommate's room. They still have those curtains, they are still $30 a panel. There are several neat kitchen things in bins that screamed "take me!" "no, me!" If it weren't for the $15 price tag I may have actually bought the kitchen frangrances they were selling.
I skipped Go Mamma Go, Pulp and that new 100% Mexican store. I really need to go into the Mexican store. But I did not pass The Garden District I passed through it. They still got herbs, like I need more herbs. I bought my passionflower vine from them, the one taking over the fence.
Okay, Fresh Fields, bag of rice.
I also passed all the new condo construction on 14th and P. This area is going to get so crowded once all this is done. Goodbye to finding any parking. Part of me is happy people want to live in Shaw, and that Shaw is becoming hip/cool/ whatever, but how much is too much? How many more non-garden style/ high rise condos are going to be built? And really are there that many people with $300K-$700K to spend on a condo around?
I did get my bag of rice, and some granola.



At 9/08/2004 10:31 AM, Blogger John Whiteside said...

Yes, there are a lot of people in DC with three quarters of a million people to spend on a condo. hell, there are people who'll spend half a million on a condo in downtown Houston - insane in my opinion but there you go.

At 9/08/2004 10:53 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Someone is buying these places so I guess there a lot of people with money to throw around but who are they? Even my dentist, single guy with no kids, wondered who can afford some of these places. I asked a real estate agent about it. He said that people are borrowing the down payment from one bank and the remaining balance from another. It's the era of immediate gratification I suppose. Spend spend spend and worry about paying it back TOMORROW. (Recently I read about a married couple with over 100,000 of student loan debt - monthly payment on it: $1300.00 month. I'd feel like I had a 300 weight on my shoulders all the time if I had that amount to pay.)

Eventually reality will hit home with the trend followers but I hope I'm not living here when it does.

(Whoa - this is my second comment of the day to you Ms. 'In-Shaw'. I'll back off now.)

At 9/09/2004 7:01 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Location, location, location! Affordable housing is available in Loudon county but the communte may be a tad bit unbearable.


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