Sunday, August 15, 2004

In Shaw Channel's Bill Cosby

I was going to write about to condos up for sale in the Shaw and Eckington neighborhoods but no. I'm going to write up some poor behavior and address some thinking by some members of my ethinic group.
I went to view the Mercury Condos at 1413 5th St. Well 1 condo as the other 3 units had sold. It was a lovely looking condo, spacious, as compared to the one on Quincy. The agent was in the back with another person when I walked in. When I saw the crowd she was with I thought, "oh, no you didn't". The woman viewing the condo came with her two sons and she was wearing curlers in her hair. Curlers. I don't like running outside my house to grab the paper in curlers. The only place outside your home you should be seen in curlers is the ER, the laundramat, and the Piggly Wiggly, maybe the Dollar Store, maybe. That is too ghetto. Oh by the by, all of us were black, the woman, the kids, the agent and me.
The kids wandered outside and after taking a look at the condo so did I. There was a streetperson. He asked the boys, "you live there?" Even though there was no contract on it the boys answered yes. The streetperson didn't believe them, and said no black people lived there. The gentrification discussion sometimes gets into the relm of black and white. But people forget there is a black middle class, even Blacks.

Wondering about the Bill Cosby reference? Y'all haven't been reading the Boondocks comic lately have you?


At 10/06/2006 4:52 PM, Blogger Golden Silence said...

She showed up to the showing of the house in curlers?! That's so sad.


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