Sunday, August 22, 2004

House of the Week

Although I try to keep to houses in the uncool sections of Shaw, avoiding Logan and U ST, here is a U Street area house.
The reason I chose this because it was a harbinger of the gentrification that came. Let me explain. Since 1995, I've been getting my hair done at a U St beauty shop. The area didn't look like much in those early years. I would get on the green line, get lost and try to remember where on Earth was the shop, so that's how I saw the area, as a lost person. Upon leaving the shop I would usually pass this house on T and Vermont, as I headed towards the Vermont street side of the U St metro station. I noticed it mainly because it stood out. The gate was high and the yard was pretty. Now it is just another pretty house, but years ago it was the only house that didn't look run down and tired.
So the house at T and Vermont is the In Shaw house of the week.


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