Monday, August 23, 2004

Good News- Kesley Garden Apts

Stolen from ShawDC.Com
Kelsey Gardens News Flash: HUD Reverses Decision, Tenants Can StayBy Alexander M. Padro
Aug 20, 2004, 17:18

Last night, the US Department of Housing and Urban Development announced that as a result of a July 28, 2004 inspection of Kelsey Gardens Apartments, the agency was reversing its previous decision to terminate the Section 8 contract for the property.

The inspection determined that health and safety issues that prompted the decision earlier this year that would have forced all 54 families to move out of the complex and could have prevented the tenants association from pursuing their rights to purchase the buildings, had been corrected, clearing the way for the Section 8 subsidies to continue.

More information will follow later, but I thought this outstanding news was worthy of sharing immediately. Congratulations to the Kelsey Gardens Tenants Association on this victory. Let's all support the tenants in their ongoing struggle to purchase their homes and and remain in our community as they build a better future for their families.



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