Thursday, November 20, 2003

Paint slaves wanted

ET hinted that I might be able to use her paint crew. Her paint crew consisting of her roommate and odd science-fiction reading friends. Pizza and beer can get you a paint crew.

This weekend I hope to get on a ladder and do a bit more repointing. It won't follow any nice rule, I might shoot the deep holes up with some insulation foam and put in 3/4 of an inch of mortar, then paint over it. The deeper holes I have filled, are a pain to wait for them to dry. The rains have not helped and I had to leave those areas bare of paint.

The sandy mortar mixture recommended for old houses does not stand up that well to moisture, well the mixes I've made with sand and limestone. Closer to the gutter I used the pure mortar mix from Home Depot, lest the work I did get washed away with the next downpour.



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