Tuesday, August 26, 2003

Soon in a week or a month Brett and Ira will move in. At that point my block will have a gay couple, a white nuclear family, a coupla of white married couples, black families (nuclear and other), Africans (immigrants), a hispanic family, single females (black and white), 1 single black male, roommate situations, senior citizens, and a Howard U student group house. We got professionals, blue collars and section 8s. We are diverse. Tolerating each other almost appears possible. People who don't like each other aren't on speaking terms anyway, and since they are not actively going after each other, I'll call it tolerance.
Drama Mamma is getting tolerable. There is still the large band of kids who congregate in front of her house and bounce the ball up and down the walkway at all hours. But I'm not hearing the loud music at all hours. I'm not hearing the stereo blasting so loud that I can hear it from inside the house. The people coming through her house are less obnoxious now. I don't foresee any more guests simulating sex acts on cars in front of my house anymore.
The Seventh Day Adventist church on the block is tolerable. They feed the hungry on Sundays and manage it well. The people they serve don't congregate in large numbers outside. They don't loiter.
The mosque down the block is tolerable. So far (knock on wood) I have not been woken to the sounds of the 5 something-ish o'clock call to prayer.
The crowds and crackheads from the block up.... well we're still working on that.


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