Tuesday, July 22, 2003

Neighbors moving
Pam, my next door neighbor has been saying she's going to sell/rent and move away for a while now. I saw her husband chatting with Sonny (evil, evil, evil African contractor) and I knew, they are serious about selling now. She wants more space, a yard for the kids to run around in, and she wants to get John, who is such a good kid, away from these bad chullun (children) who take advantage of John's goodness. Yup, no doubt, the kids around the neighborhood act like they have had no home training. Kwan, trouble finds that kid. I have had to pull him out of a fight and have observed him doing wrong. When I call him on it, he pulls the angelic act out and claim it wasn't him.

I hope they do not sell to an investor. I surely hope they don't rent it out to Section 8. I hope she doesn't rent it out, and hopefully she won't cause she was going off on Section 8 people, about how Drama Momma only pays $30 for rent, and how the children there misbehave.

Of course, the way things are going if she does sell it, most likely a white couple will move in. We have 6 white households on our side of the street already. One Hispanic family, one Howard University student group house with a range of minority students (if we become a student ghetto, I am soooo outta here), one bi-racial household (friends? Lovers? I have no clue), 1 African/Nigerian household (when he's in the country), and 8-9 African-American household, 2 of which are section 8. I love the diversity.



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