Thursday, June 26, 2008

Front Yard Tomatoes

Walking around the hood I'm noticing more folks growing tomatoes in their front yards. I'm wondering if it is a fluke? Are they accidental tomato plants grown from a stray tomato seed from a) a discarded sandwich or b) compost- those tomato seeds seem to survive compost?
Regardless I'm happy to see a part of the Shaw lawn going to food production. I haven't had too many worries about growing things in the front yard. My concerns are:
1. Kids playing on the sidewalk will almost always throw a ball in your yard knocking over and possibly destroying plants.
2. G-dd-mned squirrels eating unripe fruit and leaving them 1/2 eaten on the step, or fence or high spot you can't reach.
3. Newspaper delivery people aiming for plants.

I have gotten emails with concerns about front yard tomatoes getting stolen and attracting rats. I don't know about rats, as I haven't seen any evidence of them and I figure the fruit grows too high for them to reach and I collect all of it so none of it hits the ground. And the only ones who've stolen from me are the squirrels.


Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Tonight 5C01 mtg

Dear Neighbor,
You are invited to participate in


6:30 PM



RSVP: 202-550-0619, Anita Bonds, ANC Commissioner 5C01

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Special BAA meeting

| Blagden Alley Association |
| Special Meeting |
| |
| THURSDAY, June 19, 2008 |
| 7:00 (Sharp!)-8:30 (Max) |
| Our Local Convention Center |
| Room 151 |
| L Street Entrance |
| (More Below) |
| |
| Marriott Briefing on the new |
| Convention Center Hotel |

This is a special briefing for the
Blagden Alley and Naylor Court Association
and guests.

It isn't a normal meeting. It's a briefing.
The editor has seen it, and it's very good.
And entertaining. And informative.
Lots and lots of details.
(He's seen the other kind, mostly.)

" 7:00 (Sharp!)"
This means that it should start at 7:00.
Don't being food or drink. The usual frivolity
needs to be toned down.

Use the entrance at the South Side of L Street
between Seventh and Ninth. The guard will direct
you to Room 151.

They are planning a LOT of parking.
Also a Starbucks. (Quelle surprise!)

Wednesday, June 04, 2008

From Jim: Honoring Dr. Swygert


I encourage you to join me at this event in honor of the above-referenced persons. As you may know, Dr. Swygert has been the president of Howard University for many years and former Senator Pendleton was a past chairperson of ANC 5C, a past chairperson of the Ward Five Democrats, a senior administrator in the DC Public Schools, and an overall treasure in the Ward Five community.

As indicated below, the affair is taking place this coming Sunday at 3:00 p.m. The BACA is one of the community co-sponsors and it may interest you to know that the activity is free of charge.

Feel free to share this information with others in our community and be sure to RSVP today!


Jim Berry
Bates Area Civic Association, Inc.

The Anniversary Committee of the

Bloomingdale Civic Association, Inc.

requests the honor of your presence

at ceremonies honoring

H. Patrick Swygert, President, Howard University

The Honorable Florence Pendleton, former U.S. Senator


Sunday, June 8, 2008

3:00 P. M.

The Gallery, Blackburn Center

Howard University

2400 Sixth Street, NW, Washington, DC

Honorary Host Committee

The Honorable Eleanor Holmes Norton * The Honorable Vincent C. Gray

The Honorable Yvette Alexander * The Honorable Marion Barry, Jr.

The Honorable Murial Bowser * The Honorable Kwami R. Brown

The Honorable David Catania * The Honorable Mary Cheh

The Honorable Jack Evans * The Honorable Jim Graham

The Honorable Phil Mendelson * The Honorable Carol Schwartz

The Honorable Harry Thomas, Jr. * The Honorable Tommy Wells

Community Sponsors

Bloomingdale Civic Association * Fifth District Citizens’ Advisory Council

Bates Area Civic Association* South Central Civic Association

LeDroit Park Civic Association * Edgewood Civic Association

Woodridge Civic Association * Brookland Civic Association

DC Federation of Civic Associations * Ward Four Education Council

Ward Five Education Council * Neighbors of Seaton Place

Pleasant Plains Civic Association

Corporate Sponsors

ADAMS National Bank * PEPCO

VERIZON Washington and Maryland * State Farm Insurance Companies

RSVP: bloomingdaleca@

Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Fireworks leg

From Jim Berry:

At last night's meeting of the Bates Area Civic Association, Inc., the membership considered and decided to support the "Fireworks Neighborhood Safety Act of 2007." In substance, this Bill "prohibits the use, sale, storage and display of fireworks in the District of Columbia except in certain instances; it provides for civil penalties for possession or sale of fireworks; to provide for enforcement of the act by the Fire Chief and the Chief of Police; and to make conforming amendments."

Specifically, bill is being considered today by the City Council on an emergency basis. We are told that it is supported by Mayor Fenty and, if it passes today, that it can be implemented in time to impact this year's "fireworks season." (my inartful description) Whatever the case, anyone who has been living in our community for a time knows how taxing the constant sound of firecrackers, cherry bombs and other explosive devices can be when discharged in the neighborhood (seemingly, every five minutes from late May to the middle of July). The sound of these items, alone, often resembles the sound of gunfire which makes this frequent and excessive noise in our community particularly unsettling for children and adults alike. Every year, we ask ourselves what can be done to more effectively manage this problem and, now, it seems that at least a partial solution has presented itself. And, while this might not be the panacean answer to the problem, it offers possibilities that can be tested via the emergency implementation of the law this year.

So, if you agree with our position, I encourage you to contact Ward Five Council Member Thomas, Chairman Gray and each of the At-Large Council Members who also bear some measure of responsibility for our representation on the City Council. The telephone numbers for the Council Members are as follows:

Vincent C. Gray Chairman
At large Room 504 202-724-8032
fax 724-8085 Democrat
current term
Carol Schwartz At large Room 404 202-724-8105
fax 724-8071 Republican
current term 2005-2008
David Catania At large Room 110 202-724-7772
fax 724-8087 Independent
current term
Phil Mendelson At large Room 402 202-724-8064
fax 724-8099 Democrat
current term 2007-2010
Kwame R. Brown At large Room 506 202-724-8174
fax 724-8156 Democrat
current term 2005-2008
Jim Graham Ward 1 Room 105 202-724-8181
fax 724-8109 Democrat
current term
Jack Evans Ward 2 Room 106 202-724-8058
fax 724-8023 Democrat
current term
Mary M. Cheh Ward 3 Room 108 202-724-8062
fax 724-8118 Democrat
current term
Muriel Bowser Ward 4 Room 406 202-724-8052
fax 741-0908 Democrat
current term 2007-2008
Harry Thomas, Jr. Ward 5 Room 107 202-724-8028
fax 724-8076 Democrat
current term
Tommy Wells Ward 6 Room 408 202-724-8072
fax 724-8054 Democrat
current term
Yvette M. Alexander Ward 7 Room 400 202-724-8068
fax 724-0911 Democrat
current term 2007-2008
Marion Barry Ward 8 Room 102 202-724-8045
fax 724-8055 Democrat
current term 2005-2008

We thank you in advance for your willingness to help with this initiative.


Jim Berry
Bates Area Civic Association, Inc.

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