Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Blagden Alley Assoc Meeting

| Blagden Alley Association |
| Monthly Meeting |
| THURSDAY, April 27, 2006 |
| 7:30-9:00 pm |
| Marthlu and Hal's |
| 905 M Street, NW |
| ^^^ Note |
The newsletter is at


Topics of the meeting:

BeBar (1318 Ninth Street). The Saga Continues...
Recap of the liquor licence hearings. It's interesting, and
important and is the first of many such over the next fuw years.

917 M Street progress...
About to start
There azre floor plans

On the crime front...seems awfully quiet...

Also, see the web page at http://blagdenalley.com or http://naylorcourt.com,
(depending on your persuasion).

Do hope to see you there.

Vegetate grub party

The Harvest for Health Department of the Capital Area Food Bank is hosting its
first Grub Party Thursday May 18th from 7pm to 10pm at Vegetate, featuring the
new book by Anna Lappe' and Bryant Terry, Grub: Ideas for an Urban Organic

Join us for a fun-filled evening to raise awarness and dollars about the
benefits of organic, sustainable living.

The Grub Party will include hor d'oeuvres featuring recipes from the Grub book
prepared by Vegetate's chefs using local, seasonal, pesticide-free,
sustainably-grown produce, music arranged by Vegetate's own DJ Dredd, a short
address and book signing by Anne Lappe' and a cash bar featuring organic beer,
wine and seasonal fruit beverages.

Tickets are $50 and are available online at:

Wednesday, April 12, 2006

State of the 5th Ward


Please be reminded of the below activity that takes place this evening at Greater Mount Calvary Holy Church.


Jim Berry

Ward Five Convention and The State of the Ward Address – Wednesday, April 12, 2006!

Council Member Vincent Orange is sponsoring a Ward Five Convention and State of the Ward Address on 4/12/2006, from 6:00 p.m. until 9:00 p.m., at Greater Mount Calvary Holy Church, 610 Rhode Island Avenue, N.E. In addition to Mr. Orange’s address, entitled “A Blue Print for the Future,” an opportunity will be given for attendees to meet the numerous candidates to replace Council Member Orange as the Ward Five Representative on the DC City Council and the Dunbar Senior High School Marching Band will be featured. For more information concerning this event, you may call Linda Perkins at (202) 724-8076.

Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Support Needed for Candida's World of Books


Dear LCCA Members, My Neighbors and Friends:

I'm sorry to have to share this news with you, but I'm hoping you
will agree to support me in my current predicament:

I'm facing a very serious situation with the builder next door, one
that risks putting me out of business, if they're allowed to go
through with the sidewalk and street closures they say they have
obtained permits and ANC approval for .

I found out Friday (03/31) morning from Holladay Corp., builders of
the "Matrix" site, that they have a permit to close off the
sidewalk, a curb and a traffic lane (i.e. sidewalk, plus 2 of 3 car
lanes) for the next 2-3 months NONSTOP, in order to carry out heavy
duty work on their construction site.

Every time they block the sidewalk and the street off to operate
their crane or larger machinery (which they have done for 1-2 days
at a time in the past months), my sales take a nosedive, because all
pedestrian and car traffic to the store are severely impeded.

The prospect of making this a permanent situation for 2-3 months,
without any passage for pedestrians, even when Holladay is not
working there (evenings and weekends) means my business will be in
jeopardy. I have asked Holladay to at least work with me and other
businesses/residents by re-opening a passage for pedestrians on
evenings and weekends, and they are not cooperating.

There are precedents on this very street, in fact on this very block
btw. Q and P Streets, with other builders providing at least a
jersey-barrier protected passage for pedestrians, a passage that was
available at all times, not just on their off-time. Holladay tells
me they can't do the same on their site. I find this hard to
believe, considerig what I (and most of us in the neighborhood) have
witnessed at other construction sites here over the past two years.

I have called the City government to see if this is an acceptable
situation and an inspector is coming on Monday (April 3) to take a
closer look at their permit and what exactly Holladay is doing. To
the City government, I've also mentioned that with 2 of 3 traffic
lanes blocked and no access to the sidewalk, people are getting on &
off the bus (there's a bus stop right outside my bookstore, SE
corner of 14th & Q) in the leftmost traffic lane of the street, as
the buses can't pull into the stop. The lady I spoke to at the
Office of Infrastructure Oversight said this closure sounds wrong.
We shall see what, if anything, gives.

In the meantime, I wanted to share this alarm with you.

I am working with the wonderful folks at the ANC and LCCA to get
Holladay to redress their current plans. It seems Holladay Corp. may
not have been as forthcoming with this dire situation to the ANC
(when they applied for ANC approval of the closures and how this
would be executed). The attitude I encountered talking to Holladay
this past Friday is very different from the spirit of cooperation
promised to me and to the ANC.

I'm sorry to be breaking this news to you, but my bookstore is
truthfully facing a threat to its continued viability.

I hope that I can alleviate the situation. If I have to move on to
signature-collection or petitions, I hope I can turn to you for

I'm trying my best to get to a solution without having to bother all
of my wonderful neighbors and supporters. I'm hoping that inspectors
and public officials can see the need for a more moderate approach
to these closures. This is not just a question of the bookstore's
viability, it's also a question of public safety and public access
that affects all of us as we move between Q and P Streets: with our
heavy shopping bags, strolling our pets, navigating our strollers,

If my current efforts don't work, you will hear from me, as I will
have to ask for public support of my demands.

Thank you,

- Candida Mannozzi -

Candida's World of Books, LLC
1541 14th Street, NW
Washington, DC 20005
tel. (202) 667-4811
fax.(202) 667-4813
Tue-Sat 10-10, Sun noon-8
closed Mon

Tutorial Services Can be Made Available to an Interested High School Student!


A local resident is available to volunteer their time and talents for 90 to 120 minutes per evening, on one weekday evening per week, to an interested and motivated high school student in the community (preferably, one who attends Dunbar, if possible). The volunteer has taught both math and verbal SAT preparatory classes at the high school level, and has identified their ability to teach humanities, i.e., literature and writing, as particular strengths. Arrangements could be made to hold the weekly sessions at the Perry School Community Services Center on an evening of mutual agreement between the parties. This would seem to be a good opportunity for one who is preparing to take his/her SAT's or for one who could benefit from some supplemental assistance in the areas of math, reading and writing, respectively.

If you know of an interested and motivated student, please have his or her parent contact me and I will facilitate the initial contact between the parent, the student and the volunteer.


Jim Berry

(202) 387-8520

Monday, April 03, 2006

Some student has an announcement

Make Your Voice Heard

Make Your Opinion Count!


Researchers at Howard University are seeking Black participants who live in the Shaw/U Street neighborhood for a study of news media.

Date: April 8, 2006, April 11, 2006 and
April 13, 2006

Time: Contact research to schedule appointment

Location: Kennedy Center
1410 7th Street, NW

The investigators are trying to learn more about the viewing habits and responses of Black news audiences. We are especially seeking those who watch or read some form of news on a regular basis. The study will require participants to take part in a 30-minute interview. Participants’ confidentiality will be maintained. Participants will receive no payment for taking part.

For more information or to indicate interest in volunteering, please contact: Jerry Crawford at 804-731-7229 / jcrawfor@vsu.edu,
Jamila Cupid at 516-984-4857 / qpid08@yahoo.com, or
Dr. Carolyn M. Byerly 202-806-5121 / cbyerly@howard.edu,
John H. Johnson School of Communication, Howard University.

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